Grahame Park, Barnet

Camlins led in landscape and public realm within a multi disciplinary team for Genesis Housing Association, in partnership with LB Barnet, for the regeneration of the large residential estate at Grahame Park. Built in the 1960s, the estate suffers from a number of issues, including poor physical environment and circulation, and socio-economic problems. The overall vision is to create a high quality living environment with a distinctive character and a legible, safe environment. The landscape approach is to provide a series of purposeful and interconnected open spaces, using the large number of existing mature trees to create distinct focal points. This is one of the most ambitious residential regeneration projects in London and intended as an exemplar in terms of environmental quality, not least because the whole development will be designed around the enhanced Heybourne Park.


Genesis Housing Association / London Borough of Barnet


2014 to date


Mae, architects / Avanti, architects / Karakusevic Carson Architects / Max Fordham, engineers / Campbell Reith, engineers